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November 25th 2003 - Official Ken Hollings Website Now Online

Ken and Graham at The Wag Club

The official Ken Hollings website is now online - essential viewing. To visit the website, please go here.

Click here to visit Ken's website

November 25th 2003 - Biting Tongues "First Use All The Gs" (Live At The ICA, May 2003)

The Wire website has the Tongues' track "First Use All The Gs" available as an MP3 download. Recorded from the recent ICA gig in May 2003, this can be download here.

Click here to download "First Use All The Gs" (Live At The ICA, May 2003)

There are more Biting Tongues MP3 downloads available on this very site here - check it out.

October 23rd 2003 - Ken Hollings - Lecture at Brighton this Sunday: October 26th

Sunday 26th October 2003 at 8pm

Written and presented by Ken Hollings
Live sound production by Simon James

Starting in the sprawling new suburban housing projects built in America during the 1950s and ending in the unexplored depths of the cosmos, Welcome to Mars investigates the projection of human consciousness into outer space. Accompanying him will be radio producer Simon James, presenting a live simultaneous mix of sound and music, including a reconstruction of their totallyradio piece, ‘Space Music: Things Seen in the Skies’, recently broadcast in Australia on ABC ‘Nightwaves’.

Also on the bill: David Ellis gives a live reworking of original recorded material and visual documentation assembled while travelling via India and Lithuania in his attempt to decipher the ‘electronic Esperanto’ of the worldwide fraternity of radio hams, plus screenings Ray and Charles Eames’s mind-blowing ‘Powers of Ten’ as you’ve never seen it before.

Brighton Cinematheque can be found at
9-12 Middle Street,
East Sussex
Tel: 01273 384300
Fax: 01273 739970

More information available at the Brighton Cinematheque website here.

October 6th 2003 - More reviews now online.

Check out the media section for album and live reviews.

August 25th 2003 - LTM Publishing Issue Three New Biting Tongues CD's.

LTM are pleased to announce a comprehensive programme of CD reissues by Biting Tongues, the Manchester post-punk avant-funkers who recorded for cult labels including Factory, New Hormones and Cut Deep.

"Like many of their contemporaries, including the Pop Group, Cabaret Voltaire and Clock DVA, the Tongues' music was a maniacal melange which drew on John Cage, JG Ballard, Captain Beefheart, WS Burroughs etc, co-opting and inverting the exhuberance of funk to provide an agitated, cut-up and noirish yet vivid critique of a society apparently on the verge of 1984 for real... The dialectical wheel has come full circle and the Tongues, in the present day context, in which we've unlearned how to take them for granted, are as exhilarating and urgent as ever." (David Stubbs, The Wire, July 2003)

After The Click (Retrospective 1980-1989) LP

CD UK 2003 (LTM; LTMCD 2371)

01 R.R.O.R.
02 Heart Disease
03 You Can Choke Like That
04 Reflector
05 Denture Beach
06 Dirt For 485
07 Iyahbhoone *
08 44
09 Aair Care
10 Evening State/Lock Up State *
11 Feverhouse Pt.1
12 Meat Mask Separatist
13 Compressor
14 Double Gold St Paul
15 House of Hatchets *
16 Everywhere But Here (live) *

After The Click offers a comprehensive career overview which draws from all phases of the Tongues' career between 1980 and 1989, and includes several cuts (*) not be released on any other CD. Stand-out tracks include Heart Disease, Compressor, Double Gold St Paul and the live cut Everywhere But Here, never studio recorded but here performed live at The Venue in April 1983. The 70 minute CD was compiled by Graham Massey and features a detailed band memoir.

Reviews: "An early 1980s soup of jazz-funk rhythms, spoken word lyrics and cripsy production sound that has aged remarkably well. There's something darkly attractive about their music - uncompromising is the word, but without bands like this music cannot develop" (Leonard's Lair, 7/03)

Compressed LP

CD UK 2003 (LTM; LTMCD 2373)

4:47 Compressor
6:51 Troublehand
3:23 Panorama
4:53 Meat Mask Seperatist
5:30 Boss Toyota Trouble
1:56 Probate
5:30 Black Jesus
1:56 Black & White Jesus
2:44 Feverhouse Pt.1
2:35 Feverhouse Pt.2
3:26 Feverhouse Pt.3
8:54 Feverhouse Pt.4
3:20 Feverhouse Pt.5
3:10 Feverhouse Pt.6
2:21 Feverhouse Pt.7
1:37 Feverhouse Pt.8
3:25 Feverhouse Pt.9
2:28 Feverhouse Pt.10

Compressed compiles their material recorded for Factory Records between 1983 and 1986. The first eight tracks are taken from their two 12" eps for the label, Trouble Hand (1985) and Compressor (1986), which saw the second version of the band heading in a denser, more polyrhymic direction lead by Graham Massey and Howard Walmsley. The 73 minute CD also includes the full soundtrack to the noir-ish 1984 film Feverhouse, released on video and album by Factory the following year. Perhaps the best known yet least understood Tongues album, it has survived down the years in the boxes of the UK's more adventurous electronica DJs. Scripted by onetime Tongues vocalist Ken Hollings and directed by Howard Walmsley, the film soundtrack was praised by Sounds ('Magnificent') and the NME ('The Tongues have always excelled in delivering ominous voodoo thumpings and clickings, loosely bound by tape-doctored brass. Far more than avant garde wallpaper').

Recharge LP

CD UK 2003 (LTM; LTMCD 2376)

01 Double Gold St. Paul
02 Recharge
03 Love Out
04 Neckwork
05 Increase
06 Take The Back Right Off
07 One Angel
08 Surrender
09 Love Out (Brainwash Mix Instrumental)
10 Surrender (Mellow Mix)

Recharge is the Tongue's legendary last, lost album recorded in late 1988, by which time the band had been reduced to a duo of Graham Massey and Howard Walmsley. At the same time and place, Massey was also recording the second 808 State album Quadrastate, resulting in a degree of overlap occurred. Yet whereas Pacific State went on to conquer the charts, the adventurous dance and electronica cut for Recharge found itself out of step with early club culture, while having all the DNA of a future about to be unravelled. Sadly in 1989 it ran into the sand at the test pressing stage when label Cut Deep ceased trading. Massey: "A few white labels of Recharge have circulated for years as the holy grail of fans of early 808, due to the fact that it was recorded in the same sessions as Quadrastate. If it wasn't for Howard leaving his soprano sax in the studio overnight, Pacific State might have been another story…"

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