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September 3rd 2005 - Dr X Video Online

Biting Tongues - Dr. X: A Version of Events

The Dr X promotional film of 5 minutes long is now available to view via YouTube:

July 21st 2005 - No Biting Tongues gig in August

BBC Manchester reported that there was a possibility of a Biting Tongues gig in August, shortly after D:Percussion:

"We're currently in the process of setting up nights in all the major cities in England and planning some international dates at the moment. We're also setting up some live gigs under a different banner, Burn Your Books, the first of which will be at Night and Day after D:Percussion, featuring Graham Massey's first band Biting Tongues, plus new Twisted Nerve signing Voice Of The Seven Woods."

Unfortunately, this will not be taking place as previously planned, due to unforseen circumstances.

June 26th 2005 - Ego In Exotica Sum/Earthquakeland film

Friday night's performance at Manchester's Green Room, saw various members of Biting Tongues and Toolshed perform "Ego In Exotica Sum" in memory of Martin Denny, of which Graham has supplied some photos of the gig:

Biting Tongues - Ego In Exotica Sum/Earthquakeland film, Green Room, Manchester
Biting Tongues - Ego In Exotica Sum/Earthquakeland film, Green Room, Manchester
Biting Tongues - Ego In Exotica Sum/Earthquakeland film, Green Room, Manchester

June 19th 2005 - Vaudeville: The True Story Of The Manchester Earthquakes

Ego In Exotica Sum - In Memorium Martin Denny 1911-2005

Some further information on the Green Room event on Friday 24th June:


8:00pm Friday 24 June
Construct to Destruct:
Psychogerography, Seismology, Exotica and Voodoo

The True Story of the Manchester Earthquakes

Vaudeville - The True Story of the Manchester Earthquakes

Showcase Screening of new video production by director Howard Walmsley,
with supporting live performance including a sound-text piece by Graham Massey and Ken Hollings and a psychogeographic experiment by broadcaster and MAP founder Bob Dickenson

This will be the first public screening of this stylised docu-drama which offers a satirical look at the regeneration of Manchester. The film charts a fractured narrative - as the quakes continue, the lives of the characters become less stable.

The cast includes Manchester comedy scene regulars Jonathan Mayor, Noel Kelly, Patrick Gallagher and Roland Gent. 808 State frontman Graham Massey provides the specially commissioned soundtrack.

Members of Toolshed/Homelife/Biting Tongues will be involved as Ego In Exotica Sum,reconstructing the Martin Denny Group of the late 50s

Paddy Steer ..Bass
Graham Massey ..Vibraphone/Xylophone
Steve Brown (he of cinematic Orchestra and others) Piano
Howard Jacobs exotic Percusion
Icarus Wilson Wright .Exotic percusion

More info on the Green Room website here.

June 12th 2005 - New Graham Massey/Phil Kirby MP3's to download

Graham Massey has kindly donated some new Biting Tongues (Graham Massey/Phil Kirby) MP3 tracks to download , featuring some previously unreleased tracks.

Check out the 'Sounds' page for more info.


  • Graham Massey/Phil Kirby - Four Millions
  • Graham Massey/Phil Kirby - Lost Electro 2

Both tracks were originally recorded for use as the Biting Tongues - but instead were used as the backing track for a show called 'Amityville Pig', under the name 'Beach Surgeons'.

Both of these tracks are electro in nature, and are well worth downloading - hope you enjoy the tracks.

April 18th 2005 - Biting Tongues Film Event at the Green Room, Manchester, on 24th June 2005

Ego In Exotica Sum - In Memorium Martin Denny 1911-2005

A proposed film event at MCRs Greenroom on 24th June 2005, centered around Howard Walmsley's new film - provisionaly titled "Earthquake Land". Other shorts will include Howard and Ken Holling's recent "Abduction", together with a new live performance piece by Ken and Graham, based on the life of Martin Denny who died recently.