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Ken Hollings, lead vocalist - official website
Ken Hollings, lead vocalist - Blog
808 State
808 State, featuring Graham Massey.
Toolshed, featuring Graham Massey, Richard Harrison, Graham Clark, Dave Walsh and James Ford
Crispy Ambulance
Spaceheads, featuring Richard Harrison of Homelife / Toolshed. See BiP_Hop and Merge, who released the album 'Low Pressure', featuring Graham Massey & Paddy Steer
Biting Tongues Official Facebook Page
808 State Facebook

808 State Official Facebook Page

(featuring Graham Massey)

Crispy Ambulance Facebook
Crispy Ambulance Official Facebook Page
Spaceheads Facebook
Spaceheads Official Facebook Page
(featuring Richard Harrison)

LTM Publishing - Biting Tongues Record Label

Darla - Biting Tongues US Record Label
The Factory Records Catalogue
Frank Brinkhuis' Crepuscle and Factory Pages
Cerysmatic Factory