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NME, 7th October 1989, "Biting Tongues: Love Out"

BITING TONGUES: Love Out (Cut Deep)

From the House of Graham 'Dungaree With One Strap Hung Nonchanantly' Massey, mainsqueeze behind 808 State, the Techno-turbulence of Manchester and all points North eats up the white lines down to London.

Biting Tongues have been one of those combos on the tips of everybody's taste buds that got swallowed. Not unexpected, what a damn horrible name! 'Love out', one of the fulcrums of the band's imminent album, is the sort of record where it sounds like the makers have gone surfing cm their sequencers. It has a great understanding of the importance of repetition - Denise's vocals are like a neon hiccup - and synth lines that cling like lunar leeches.

This is a glimpse of the innovatory future of British music. The right, as opposed to The Wonder Stuff.