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Record Mirror, September 6th 1986, "Head/The Balcony/Biting Tongues, Club Logo, Liverpool"


The Biting Tongues are a bunch of moody but interesting Mancunians whose previous musical offerings have included the soundtrack to the arty Factory video, 'Feverhouse'. The intelligent combination of an 'industrial-taped' sound with a very good brass section gives them an identity all their own. And while I never expect to see them on 'Top Of The Pops', I think they're well deserving of an honourable mention in the annals of musical originality.

On to the Balcony, as it were, one of the brighter sparks of what is currently 'happening' in Liverpool. Stripped of their brass section and narrowed down to a more traditional four-piece, they're a lot less noisy and more approachable but on the other hand some of their songs definitely lose something. The excellent 'Wonderful Life' for instance, is robbed of some of its punch in its brass-less state. Nevertheless, the Balcony are undoubtedly one of the best that Liverpool has to offer and ample frontman, Yorkie, is very good (although perhaps not quite as good as he seems to think he is) backed by an equally talented bunch of musicians.

Finally, and very late in the day, to Head. This being the latest venture of ex Pop Grouper and Rip Rig And Panicker, Garth Sager. This inspired loony has returned with on altogether rockier bunch with Head. Stripped of all his previous leanings towards jazz, the effect maintained is nevertheless off-beat.

From their relatively short set it's possible to conclude that Head have only the healthiest of futures. The combination of the current vogue for all things 'rocky' and the slightly off beam element - produced by Sager - holds enormous potential. File under promising and wacky.

Dave Sexton