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Melody Maker, January 22nd 1983, "Biting Tongues, Band On The Wall, Manchester"

BITING TONGUES Band On The Wall, Manchester

WELL . . . haven't we been spoilt so far this year! First there are magnificent singles by The Box and Death Cult; soon there will also be eye-opening long players from Spear Of Destiny and Biting Tongues to accompany them.

And the live front isn't standing dormant either. While The Box left traditional "rock" journalists flabbergasted in London last week, the Tongues leave a sober "rock" audience stunned in Manchester this week. Suddenly there's more than meets the eye; a staunch determination by certain groups to astonish us by providing something new.

Let me tell you that the Tongues are new. They are perceptive musicians who are currently creating music that is as fresh and as vibrant as Talking Heads' distinctive kettle drum of noise was in '77.

Biting Tongues' music comes pelting towards you from all directions at varying speeds. There's not an ounce of predictability because these boys don't know the meaning of the word. So don't go thinking that they will be precluded from commercial success; after all who would have thought Joy Division would have sold so well?

Watching the Tongues is watching all the ups and downs of life pass before your eyes with brightening intensity. A kaleidoscope of moods and emotions are frozen during the one hour performance; happiness, sorrow, violence, harmony, you name it – it's here.

At the centre of this vision is vocalist/writer Capula, who while accepting his own crucial position just isn't bothered about becoming the star frontman. He doesn't crave attention, instead he takes his place as one side of the total image that Biting Tongues project. A general wildness that is simply irresistible.

And if you believe this assessment has been over the top I suggest you see this band yourself and search out their new album 'Libreville" next month because, believe me, you're really missing out on something extra special.