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Fretwire, May 1981, "Biting Tongues: Don't Heal"

(Situation 2 SITU I)

A new band, a new label, a new sound that is the easiest way to describe this release, but it deserves more. The sound is very difficult to pigeonhole, which is fine, and although comparisons are sneered upon these days, to give you some idea, they reminded me of James Blood and Clock DVA.

The thing that struck me was the power of the rhythm section and how well the bass and drums went together. On top of that, there's a seemingly unstoppable stream of dialogue from Capalula, making like a modern-day John Snagge.

The words are vividly descriptive and the imagery fits well with the music Furthermore, shutting one's eyes and putting oneself in the situation described produces hours of fun and amusement. Only weak spot comes with the occasional slushy production on the "Face Down" side. But those moments soon pass, leaving you with a fine debut from a band that can stand to take risks. You don't deserve them. A.H.