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Cassette International, 1981, "Biting Tongues: Live It"

The Biting Tongues – Live It

The Biting Tongues in all their strength. Since their 33 RPM LP, things take shape and one goes from excellent to even better. Dark free funk, dense, reflecting the obscurity of our desires in this world which switches on and off, with its huge unimaginable and uncontrollable machines, for which man has become a mere instrument. Their biting language, as expected, expresses itself in salvos where Capalula seems to be more at ease than ever. It looks like they’re taken the blaze back from "A Certain Ratio" (more anesthetising these days), being less rational than A.C.R. their fierceness brings them closer to the German new wave. Tragical, compressed, desperate funk, equal to this terminal world, yet tonic by its lucidity. In short, an enormous LP which will grow each time you listen to it.