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Melody Maker, 1st March 1982, "Next Week: Biting Tongues "

BITING Tongues are a group from Manchester, but don't think of them as a typical Manchester group. Looking for that one, crunching sentence that would best describe them, Frank Worrall admits defeat early in the game and suggests you let their music do the talking.

So what do they sound like? Well: try "unrelenting", "poignant", "stinging s ill foggy? Well: their inclination towards collective improvisation and various jazz sympathies might bracket them with Pigbag and Rip Rig, though the Tongues are reluctant to draw any comparisons.

"Personally," they tell a bemused but clearly repressed Frankie, "we don't think we sound like anyone else." More enigma variations in next week's revelatory feature.